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We believe in making a difference by making Unique drapery hardware packages that are luxurious and easy to install. (bit more about the company and how long it has been around, Being a swarovski authorized dealer Sale banner is ok needs to have an offer
Our services select collection, select size, select product, Order your drapery hardware, receive packages it needs to be moved

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All of our unique drapery hardwares are made of aluminum, hand painted and assymblied here in USA for the finest quality craftsmanship Behind the scene video
Our unique drapery hardware offered in 3 sizes, Small, Medium and large
Classic the original
Swarovski crystal elements for those who like the dazzle Luxury at its best our Gem collection
Different it is since our hardware are made to dress your windows
We stand behind our products 100 % lifetime warranty

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Picking the right drapery hardware and ornamental accessories will complete the outlook of your window draperies. Adding a decorative element to your overall decor empowers you to make them really exceptional and to choose something that reflects your own style and aura of the space.

These days there is a huge variety of drapery hardware that is available in markets from Tiebacks, hooks, and Holdbacks to finials and rings. They enhance a room by adding a beautiful finishing touch to your window draperies, just as including a functional component, like holding your draperies at the middle or to the side.

We uniquely design Tie Backs in various shapes, sizes, and style. You can choose from our classic, crystal and Gem collections of drapery hardware.Choose and design your very own by picking the color, texture, style, size, and trims. Hold Backs are made of metal and are mounted to the dividers alongside the windows to keep down the texture. Including a classic, Gem or crystal metallic hold back can add a contemporary and luxurious touch to your Window draperies. These ornamental and functional accessories complete the look and furthermore enable you to include a decorative element to your space.

We exclusively craft drapery hardware that compliments to fit any window treatment, the choices and final results are endlessly astounding.


Finials are the ornamental pieces that you find toward the end of rods. We have a variety of different styles and finishes which will enable you to totally alter the appearance of your Window treatments.