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Classic Collections


Small windows Measurements:

Celling Up to 96″ Height
Window height: Up to 84″
Window width: Up to 84″

Medium windows Measurements:

Celling Up to 108″ Height
Window height: Up to 96″
Window width: Up to 144″

Large windows Measurements:

Celling Up to 216″ Height
Window height: Up to 192″

Window width: Up to 156″

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Curtain & Drapery Hardware in Classic Collection

Galaxy Design is an emporium of classic drapery hardware for all type of types of windows. When you are looking for classic window hardware, classic curtain brackets, or classic curtain tie-backs, reach our site. By applying our vast range of classic window hardware for living room, bedroom, and kitchen, our sophisticated customers have uplifted their homes' status.

Every casement tells a different story. The blinds, shades, tie-backs, holdings, etc., have separate sagas to share. You might have observed, traditional designs always remain in fashion. They provide a luxurious view of your sweet homes. The grandeur created elevates the environment and pushes up your social stature. But what is the reason for choosing them?

Why Choose Classic Window Treatments

  • They can be easily differentiated, enabling luster to your room decoration
  • They have ornately detailed fabric
  • Your guests would never stop admiring the craftsmanship
  • Looks elegant with the long hanging draperies
  • It brings exclusivity to owning an antique piece of art in your home
  • Uses rich-toned hardware
  • At the very first glance, people often reach the exact luxury whip

Our Products

Our exquisite range of classic hardware for drapery includes Swarovski Classic Hardware Drapery, Classic Scroll Curtain Tie-back, Crowns, holdbacks, brackets, and finials. All of our draperies come with hardware so that you don't have to search for the right pair. The craftsmanship and gorgeous designs are enough to mesmerize anyone.

Our Commitment

Our commitment incorporates the best quality products in the window treatment industry. We create all of our drapery hardware locally in our facilities in Los Angeles, California. We have been in this niche for 40 years and have provided a lifetime warranty for our products. For light installation and shipping, we use an aluminum cast to make the products. The 5 step painting process ensures the rich look of the element. While painting, the techniques include:

  • Applying primer.
  • Painting with solid color, stain.
  • Using seal for waterproofing.
  • Quality check.

Why Choose Us

Galaxy Design provides you with an acceptable range of beautiful and classic Drapery Items. Your choice may vary from traditional to modern acrylics rods to classic holdbacks, hooks, or knobs. Our team of exceptional interior designers is always ready to enrich you with their rich suggestions. By using classic elements from our elegant collections, you can rightfully expose your love for antiques. They bring nostalgia to the home. We can arrange a telephonic appointment with our designers and avail of our complimentary services.

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