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Crystal Collections


Small windows Measurements:

Celling Up to 96″ Height
Window height: Up to 84″
Window width: Up to 84″

Medium windows Measurements:

Celling Up to 108″ Height
Window height: Up to 96″
Window width: Up to 144″

Large windows Measurements:

Celling Up to 216″ Height
Window height: Up to 192″

Window width: Up to 156″

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Crystal hardware for windows treatment

The right choice of curtains and draperies can build the right position of your house in society. They set the color and tone of your rooms. Crystals have influenced our lives in every way. Installing them in the curtain hardware adds the missing element of charm to your room. Galaxy Design offers you a wide range of crystal hardware for a window treatment to give the final touch to your windows and make them more attractive.

Galaxy Design is a megastore of crystal drapery hardware. We provide all types of solutions for crystal window hardware. Being a one-stop store for curtain and crystal hardware, we offer a complete range of crystal window hardware for your entire home like living room, kitchen, and bedroom. You can find all types of decorative drapery hardware, whether small, medium, or large size.

Our Products

Our scope of crystal products comprises crystal holdbacks for drapery, crystal scroll, curtain tie-backs, crystal curtain brackets, and crowns. We don’t keep our clients worrying about hardware and provide every-needed hardware with our products. The newest edition in adding elegance to our list is Swarovski crystal drapery hardware. This hardware adds a different feel and contemporary essence.

If you have recently bought a new house or are thinking of redesigning your casements, call us without hesitation. Our home designers will customize the best drapery design to match your window measurements with Crystal drapery hardware such as tie-backs, holdbacks, curtain rods, finials, and more. It gives you a sense of what your window will look like once we complete our window hardware treatment.

Swarovski Crystal Drapery Hardware Collection

Swarovski crystal curtain hardware is a great piece to make your home shine! Made with Swarovski Crystals in a decorative pattern, our drapery hardware is best to enhance your window look.

Our curtain hardware range of Swarovski Crystal is designed in such a way that matches any room in your home. With a beautiful geometric cut-glass motif, the crystal rod finials, rings, and brackets reflect a distinctive style while still drawing a beautiful pattern through your space. These stones are available in patterns varying from floral designs to geometric shapes. These modern beveled crystal fixtures will add flair to any window covering. Our Swarovski Crystal collection will unquestionably help you achieve an air of elegance with its exquisite design and quality.

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